How To Give a Shiatsu Massage? 6 Health Benefits

how to give a shiatsu massage

If you want to learn how to give a shiatsu massage to a friend, you can learn the basics. You can try this massage exercise at least two times a day to get the benefits of a shiatsu massage. This will help you relax and relieve stress.

This massage technique is excellent for neck pain, allergies, exhaustion, and other ailments. If you want to learn how to give a shiatsu massage, you can give a shiatsu treatment to someone you care about.

The goal of the massage is to balance the system and stimulate the immune system. This kind of therapy is often very relaxing, but it should be done slowly. It should be performed for about 10 minutes.

Shiatsu massage

The concept behind shiatsu massage comes from pseudoscientific ideas found in traditional Chinese medicine. Qi meridians are one of these, and learning how to give a shiatsu massage can benefit you.

It was first practiced in Japan in the early twentieth century by Tokujiro Namikoshi, a practitioner of a different type of Japanese massage known as anma. Nowadays, there are several types of tai chi massages.

In a traditional Shiatsu massage, fingers and other manual techniques work the body’s meridians. The goal of the therapy is to affect the body’s energy and promote health. The treatment can be calming or invigorating, depending on the practitioner.

The massage is based on the holistic system of traditional Chinese medicine. The techniques are similar to acupuncture, but the emphasis is on stretching the muscles and restoring balance.

How to give a shiatsu massage?

Shiatsu is an ancient massage technique that helps regulate the autonomic nervous system, which is not controlled by the conscious mind. It governs the body’s involuntary processes.

The technique can be performed by a trained practitioner or anyone who wants to learn how to give a shiatsu massage.

To give a shiatsu massage, use your fingers and thumbs to stimulate specific points on the body. Try to focus on these points. Applying pressure to the corresponding muscles helps the body heal itself.

To begin giving a shiatsu massage,

  • Breathe deeply and find specific points on the body. 
  • Press these points on the skin with your fingers for 5-10 seconds. 
  • If you feel that a particular point feels good, you can continue massaging that area for longer. 
  • Afterward, switch hands and repeat. 
  • Then, apply your palms to the head with your fingers on the scalp. 
  • When the hands are on your head, apply pressure to the temples with your thumbs.

There is no scientific evidence that shiatsu prevents or cures any disease. However, studies suggest that shiatsu can help manage symptoms of some diseases.

Benefits of shiatsu massage

Shiatsu has many benefits. It can be used to treat specific ailments or improve general health. The benefits of shiatsu are numerous and include improved digestion, blood circulation, and the nervous system.

A shiatsu session can improve a person’s overall health. The physical benefits of shiatsu are far-reaching. They can prevent illnesses and even prevent the onset of certain diseases. If you want to improve your overall physical condition, shiatsu is the right choice for you.

Induce labor for pregnant women

Shiatsu massage has been used for thousands of years to help women with their monthly cycles.

It has also been known to induce labor in overdue women.

It also eases the symptoms of morning sickness and swelling in pregnancy.

Boost immune system

It improves circulation, enhances digestion, and relieves stress and fatigue.

It helps the body’s natural defense mechanisms.

It can even help you get a good night’s sleep! This is why it is so effective for many people.

Improve blood circulation

Another advantage of shiatsu is that it helps improve blood circulation.

When good blood circulation, the body’s cells, and tissues can function better and stay healthy.

With regular shiatsu massage, you can keep the skin clear and vibrant.

Improve skin health

Besides relaxing the muscles, shiatsu massage can also improve the skin’s health.

It is beneficial for both the inside and outside. The massage stimulates the sweat glands and capillaries in the skin’s soft tissues.

Promotes healthy digestive system

Shiatsu massage has been shown to benefit both the mind and the body. In addition to the physical benefits of shiatsu massage, it stimulates the circulatory and digestive systems.

People who suffer from constipation are often prescribed laxatives to ease discomfort. A therapist will use acupressure points to relieve the symptoms of constipation.

Boost serotonin levels

Shiatsu massage also boosts serotonin levels in the body. The release of dopamine improves mood and decreases feelings of anxiety. The release of these chemicals is a proven way to combat depression and anxiety.

They are critical to your overall health. In fact, a shiatsu massage can prevent some types of illnesses and can even prevent aging. The positive effects of shiatsu massage may outweigh the adverse effects.

Shiatsu massage on the table

Before giving a shiatsu massage on a table, you should clean the table. It is essential to sterilize your hands before using them on a patient.

The client does not receive any oils, so you can quickly provide a shiatsu session for people who prefer to be modest and never undress. You should also wear comfortable clothing that allows you to manipulate the client’s limbs.

A shiatsu massage on a table will allow you to apply pressure to multiple areas at once. In contrast, a shiatsu massage on a floor mat is not recommended.

Points to be noted

  • If the person is pregnant, you should avoid pressing specific points as you may increase the risk of miscarriage. 
  • If the patient has a fever, the treatment should be postponed. 


The benefits of shiatsu massage are numerous, but the primary one is its holistic approach to health. It works by loosening and stimulating energy pathways throughout the body.

According to the National Cancer Institute, a blockage in these pathways can lead to illnesses, so restoring energy flow is vital for overall health. Shiatsu practitioners use a combination of pressure points and stretching techniques to help these pathways function optimally.

Despite the benefits of shiatsu, it should be noted that it is not appropriate for everyone. Some individuals who are pregnant or in poor health should avoid the massage.

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