7 Healthy Tips for a Summer Season

Staying healthy, eating healthy foods, and following healthy tips for a summer season written in this article will help you. Summer is on your doorstep and staying healthy should be your primary goal this summer. Change in weather brings in different types of diseases and health problems. Here is the list of healthy tips for a summer season to help you stay healthy.

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Healthy Tips for a Summer Season

1. Eat healthy and light foods

A diet should consist of light, small and frequent meals with healthy foods. A diet with plenty of carbohydrates and fats will produce lots of heat in your body. You should focus more on consuming water-rich fruits like cucumber, watermelon, and oranges.

2. Avoid alcohol consumption

During summer days we lose body fluids through perspiration, while consumption of alcohol will cause fluid loss through increased urination. This will lead to dehydration.

Learn more about the function of water in the body.

3. Drink plenty of water

According to H.H Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry, our brain and heart are composed of 73 percent of water. The adult human body contains about 60% of water. Despite enough water contents in our body, we lose water and body fluids through perspiration, sweat, and urination. To compensate for this loss, you have to drink plenty of water during the summer season.

Drinking plenty of water can also help in achieving normal kidneys and prevent kidney diseases.

4. Stay indoors

Outdoor activities like walking, jogging, brisk walking, and outdoor games are important to stay fit and healthy. But you should restrict outdoor games during hot sunny days. You can do outdoor activities early morning and evening hours when the weather is cooler.

5. Avoid outside foods

Food-borne illness and stomach infection are caused due to contamination and poor storage facilities. Food-borne illness will be increased during the summer season and you should avoid consuming roadside foods.

6. Sleep well

Defeat the inclination to keep awake until late because of the light nights in the mid-year. Rather focus on building up a decent rest cycle by keeping a similar sleep time and wake-up plan.

7. Protect your eyes

Ensure your vision at work and play, wear defensive eyewear. At the point when outside, wear shades that block at any rate 99% of ultraviolet A and B rays. Additionally, make sure to wear eyewear when playing sports.

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Common summer disease

Summer acquires a large group of medical conditions like headaches, skin rashes, burns from the sun, and so on to extreme ones like measles, jaundice, and that’s just the beginning. You should take essential preventive measures against summer illnesses.

Here are few healthy tips.

1. Heatstroke

Heatstroke is another normal summer infection, which whenever left untreated can be lethal. A portion of the indications of heatstroke remembers trouble for breathing, quick heartbeat, high internal heat level, disarray, and so on try not to venture out in peak afternoons.

2. Sunburn

A portion of the indications of burn from the sun incorporates red or ruddy skin, gentle discombobulation, and weariness. To shield yourself from burn from the sun, apply a sunscreen lotion on the uncovered spaces of your body for 20 minutes before taking off in the sun.

3. Food poisoning

Attributable to unnecessary heat in summer, the food can get spoilt rapidly. To prevent the risk of food contamination and poisoning, keep the extra food inside the cooler or refrigerator. Food should be cooked well to guarantee that it doesn’t get spoilt rapidly.

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4. Diarrhea

Since food gets spoilt rapidly, Diarrhea becomes normal in summer. Eating contaminated food and drinking unsafe fluids can prompt looseness of the bowels and lead to diarrhea. To avoid this, ensure that you drink water after boiling it and wash vegetables completely before and after cutting them.

5. Skin rashes

During summers, skin rash is a typical skin issue among youngsters and children. This normally happens when an individual sweat excessively. Wash frequently, change your clothes regularly and try not to wear tight garments.

6. Dehydration

Lack of hydration happens when the body loses more water than it gains, causing side effects like discombobulation, fractiousness, and dry mouth. While parchedness can happen whenever consistently, episodes are without a doubt more normal during the drier months.


Like the old saying, “Prevention is better than cure“,

The primary reason for the episode of infections in summer is the presence of good climate conditions for microscopic organisms, infection, and different parasites to raise. Take prevention steps and ensure your health in the summer to stay healthy. I hope this article on healthy tips for the summer season will help you in maintaining your health and lead a healthy lifestyle.