Watermelon Benefits for Men

Watermelon is a fat-free fruit packed with lots of nutrients and minerals. Watermelon benefits for men may include improving men’s sexual health, aids in hydration, and is a good source of vitamin C.

Watermelon, scientifically known as Citrullus lanatus is a flowering plant belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family. It is cultivated worldwide, grown in tropical and temperate regions with five common types like seeded, seedless, mini, yellow, and orange.

First, let’s learn more about watermelon benefits for men and its nutritional value.

Watermelon Nutrition

Watermelon has a sweet taste and it is a refreshing fruit low in calories. It is also considered as water-rich fruits containing about 92% of water. Watermelon contains lycopene which is the phytonutrient helpful for heart health, bone health, and prostate cancer prevention.

Refer to the table below for detailed information on the nutritional value of watermelon according to nutrition data and based on the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Serving size: 1 cup or 154 grams

watermelon benefits for men
Nutritional Value of Watermelon

How many calories in a cup of watermelon

According to the above table, 1 cup of chopped watermelon or 154 grams of watermelon contains approximately 193-kilo joules of calories which is about 2 percent of the daily calorie recommended value. Watermelon calories are obtained from carbohydrates (172 kJ), fats (8 kJ), and proteins (13 kJ) present in watermelon.

Watermelon benefits for men

As discussed in our previous article about water-rich foods, regular consumption of watermelon helps to keep you hydrated during the hot summer season. But it provides extra benefits for men as compared to women. These extra benefits are done due to the presence of a special nutrient called ‘citrulline’ in watermelon.

Watermelon is an excellent source of amino acids called citrulline. Researchers believe that citrulline is a natural viagra, that relaxes and dilates blood vessels like that of erectile dysfunction drugs.

Watermelon is also believed to speed up the process of muscle repair for men. It helps in preventing muscle cramps, keeps your bones strong, and reduces fatigue during exercises.

Watermelon contains two different phytonutrients called lycopene and citrulline. Lycopene helps in promoting good heart health and bone health whereas citrulline helps in boosting nitric oxide and relaxing blood vessels. In the medical world, watermelon can be used as a substitute for the medication of erectile dysfunction.

Other health benefits of watermelon

As we talk about watermelon benefits for men, it doesn’t mean that watermelon will not benefit other sexes. Here is the list of other health benefits of watermelon.

1. Promote cardiovascular health

Due to the presence of lycopene phytonutrients, watermelon helps in promoting cardiovascular health. Recent studies show that an increase in the consumption of watermelon prevents prostate cancer.

2. Keeps you hydrated

We tend to lose water from our body through perspiration, urination, sweating, and exercises. About 92 percent of watermelon is made of water. It is due to this fact that watermelon helps in keeping you hydrated during the hot summer weather.

3. Helps in lowering inflammation

Watermelon is rich in anti-inflammatory antioxidants like vitamin C and lycopene. It can also help in improving your brain health and prevent many chronic diseases.

4. Good for skin and hair

Watermelon contains skin health and hair health-improving vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen which keeps your skin supple.

Is watermelon good for diabetics?

Watermelon is considered to be safe for diabetic patients but in less quantity. A diabetic patient should consult your doctor before consuming watermelon regarding the diet plan and serving size.

Health benefits of watermelon seeds

Watermelon seeds are low in calories and contain many micro-nutrients like zinc, copper, potassium, and folate. The health benefits of consuming watermelon seeds may include good for your heart, boost your immunity, increase your bone strength, boost metabolism, promotes glowing skin, and improves your hair quality.

Watermelon seeds are also recognized through recent studies as being nutritious, rich in proteins, magnesium, vitamin B, and healthy fats according to the International Journal of Nutrition and Food Science.

Watermelon carbs

Watermelon is a low-carb fruit with approximately 7.5 grams of carbohydrates based on 100 grams. Watermelon carbs are obtained from dietary fiber (0.4g) and sugars (6.2g).

watermelon carbs
Watermelon carbs

Negative effects of watermelon

Consumption of watermelon in the right amount has no serious side effects. If consumed in excess, you may experience negative effects from having lycopene in excess like nausea, diarrhea, and bloating.

If consumed in an adequate and right quantity, watermelon may not produce any side effects. But consumption of watermelon in large quantity may experience problems due to excess lycopene or potassium.

According to nutrition data and the United States Department of Agriculture, only 30 milligrams of lycopene is a daily recommended value. Exceeding this value can experience health problems like nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, and bloating.


This article on ‘Watermelon Benefits for Men’ is for educational and informational purposes only. The figures and statistics indicated in this article are derived from the scientific journals and nutrition database for explanation and understanding. I hope, this article has cleared most of your search queries and answered your questions.