25 Nutritious Food That Starts With E

Here are 25 food that starts with e which we feel are nutritious and healthy for your body. Among these foods, some of our favorites include eggs, espresso, eggplant, and Emmental.

The list goes endless, but something well known many of the foods that we listed around the globe and provides you better variations in your daily diet.

Why you need healthy foods?

According to a study, a healthy diet is essential for good health and to gain proper nutrition.

Healthy food helps in protecting you from chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Eating healthy food also helps in weight loss, maintaining strong bones, increasing energy levels, boost your immune system to fight infections, and improve brain functions.

You know why you have to eat healthy foods. Now, let’s dive deeper and list out the food that starts with E and have a better understanding of healthy and nutritious food.

Here is the list of food that starts with E

Today, we will introduce to you about 25 nutritious and healthy food that starts with e to impress your friends with knowledge on food.

1. Ecrevisse (Crayfish)

The first list of food that starts with e is about ecrevisse. Ecrevisse belongs to the crustaceans, and the old French word ecrevisse means crayfish. It is like lobster but it sometimes tastes like shrimp or sometimes like crab resembling sweet, meaty, and tenderness.

Is it safe to eat crayfish?

Crayfish is popular in the world and it’s an edible crustacean but only a small portion of their body. Dishes involving crayfish like soups and bisques will have only a tail portion of the crayfish.

2. Eclair

Eclair is a famous French dessert made from pastry, custard, whipped cream, ice cream fillings, and topped with chocolates or powdered sugar. In French, the word eclair means “flash of lightning” and it can be consumed quickly.

Eclairs changed into different variations with time. We use it in making different pastry products like eclair toffee, eclair Cadbury, eclair candy, and many other eclair recipes.

3. Edamame beans

Edamame beans are immature soybeans that are in pods, green, and a common dish in Asia. It comes in a pod and people boil, add salt or salt water and eat.

Edamame is believed to be high in proteins, helps in lowering cholesterol levels, rich in vitamins, reduce menopausal symptoms, and reduces bone loss.

In the US market, you can find edamame beans in frozen form. Before eating, you can boil the beans or stream or heat them in a microwave.

4. Eel

It is one of the famous food in Japanese cuisine and eel is called ‘unagi’. To prepare its popular dish, they grill eel in teriyaki sauce and use in top sushi or rice bowls.

Eel produces an exorbitant amount of electrical energy which is enough to kill humans instantly. According to the study, eel blood is toxic to humans but after cooking it becomes safe for consumption.

5. Egg fruit

Egg fruit, scientifically known as Pouteria campechiana is a fruit grown from a canistel tree. It has a sugary taste with neutral flavors like mango, sweet potato, and pumpkin.

Egg fruit helps in improving the immune system, protects against vision loss, strengthens bones and teeth, produces hemoglobin, and helps in transferring oxygen in the bloodstream.

You can eat egg fruit as raw or make other dishes like egg fruit nog, jams, and marmalades.

6. Eggplant

Eggplant, commonly called brinjal, is a vegetable belonging to the Solanaceae family. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), eggplant contains about 25 calories and many other nutrients including carbs, fibers, proteins, vitamin K, and manganese.

Including eggplant in your daily diet may help with digestion, improvement of heart health, an excellent source of vitamins, improves bone health, and it may increase brain functions.

7. Eggs

Eggs are an excellent source of proteins and vitamin D, usually eaten at breakfast. Both egg white and egg yolk have an equal amount of proteins but egg yolk contains most of its fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Egg consumption can help in raising the levels of good cholesterol, helps in weight loss, and is an excellent source of omega-3s.

Is it safe to eat eggs every day?

As per the study, they found that consumption of 3 whole eggs per day is safe for healthy people.

8. Elderberry

Elderberry comprises several types of berries belonging to the Sambucus tree which is used to make dietary supplements in various forms like juice or tea.

Elderberry is rich in antioxidants and nutrients helpful for boosting your immune system. It may also help in reducing the intensity of inflammation, reduces stress levels, and protect your heart.

According to a recent study, there are some common side effects of elderberry like nausea, vomiting, feeling weak, dizziness, and numbness.

9. Emmental cheese

Emmental is a medium-hard cheese that originated from Switzerland. It has a very good melting point, and it is deemed essential for dishes like casseroles, grains, grilled cheese, and pasta that require melted cheese.

Products like French Comte and gruyere can be the best substitute for Emmental cheese.

Emmental helps in reducing inflammation, relieves joint pain, and improves the body’s immune functions to better fight infections.

10. Empanada

The 10th food that starts with e is about Empanada.

It is a baked dough with savory fillings. Empanadas’ popularity started from Latin America to southern Europe and Filipinos.

Empanada may also include some vegetables like corn, potatoes, or carrots, and meat items.

11. Endive

Endive is a vegetable that belongs to the Cichorium genus scientifically known as Cichorium endivia. You can eat endive raw and in cooked form. Raw endives will have a bitter taste and cooked endives give you nutty sweetness with soft fillings. 

The best endive substitute is arugula, watercress, chicory leaves, napa cabbage, and radicchio.

Endive is a low caloric vegetable, and it helps in weight loss, regulation of blood sugar levels, prevents diabetes, promotes good bowel movements, promotes healthy pregnancy, and improves vision.

12. English Muffins

English muffins are bread served during breakfast, along with butter or honey. Most of the bread is made using baking soda but in this case, yeast is used to make English muffins.

In comparison with toast, English muffins have low calories (127) that serve as an excellent source of energy for your brain and muscles. It is also a superb source of fibers with a good amount of calcium, magnesium, and selenium that helps in weight loss.

13. Escargot

Escargot is a dish prepared by cooking edible land snails. The meat from the shell is taken out, cooked using butter and garlic, placed back into the shell, and served to the customers.

Why is escargot so expensive?

Considering the delicacy, snails are common in France. For a seasoning purpose, snails are taken out of the shells, prepared, and served in the shell for better presentation.

Escargot is a superb source of lean protein, fat-free, carb-free, and sugar-free. It is also an excellent source of amino acids that helps the brain in the production of serotonin.

14. Escarole

Escarole is a flat-leaf endive vegetable used by most families. It looks like lettuce and sold in bunches in the vegetable market.

Escarole is an excellent source of dietary fibers and many other nutrients like calories, carbs, proteins, iron, and vitamins. We used it in making various recipes including soups, stews, sauteed and beans.

In most cases, other vegetables like arugula, spinach, kale, chard, and mustard green serve as the best escarole substitute.

15. English Sole

In this 15th position of food that starts with e-lists, let’s discuss on English sole.

English sole, scientifically known as Parophrys vetulus is a flatfish with wonderful flavor. Considering its delicacy and compatibility with many other dishes, English sole is popular in many countries and used in various dishes and sauces.

English sole comprises a lean protein with an excellent source of calories, proteins, and healthy polyunsaturated fats. This fish is also a superb source of vitamin D, Phosphorus, selenium, and iodine.

16. Eggnog

Eggnog is a beverage prepared from milk, sugar, or the addition of alcoholic spirits like rum, brandy, or bourbon. While many prefer using brandy to make eggnog, experts recommend using a mixture of dark rum and cognac to make a perfect match.

Most of the families prefer drinking eggnog the night before Christmas and we recommend not to serve eggnog to the toddlers.

17. Emu apple

Emu apple, scientifically known as Owenia acidula, is a fruit grown naturally with a medium-sized tree, sometimes called cranberries, and native to Australia. 

According to the studies, they found emu apple to have many skin benefits like support for collagen, hydration of skin, and provides skin whitening effects. 

18. English Walnut

Juglans regia, commonly known as English walnut, Persian walnut, or walnut, is a high protein fruit.

It contains approximately 4.3 grams of proteins, along with many other nutrients and minerals like calories, healthy fats, water, carbs, sugar, and dietary fibers.

English walnut, or just a walnut, a blood purifying agent and it helps treat digestive tract disorders and lowers cholesterol levels.

19. Espresso

Espresso is popular in the world and used worldwide.

Espresso is a type of coffee brewing method where coffee is ground finely under pressure. This method of brewing originated in Italy and usually made in a coffee machine.

Espresso can be extremely strong with an array of roast and provides a thicker and concentrated brew.

20. Escallop

Escallop is boneless meat that is flattened using a mallet, rolling pin, or beaten flat by the handle of a knife for faster cooking and achieves tenderness people prefer.

The typical example of escallop could a veal with thin or butterflied using a rolling pin. This flattened boneless meat is fried and served along with vegetables and sauce.

21. Emblic

Emblica Officinalis, commonly known as emblic or Indian gooseberry, is an edible fruit with excellent antioxidant properties. It can protect your skin from the damages caused by free radicals and oxidative stress. 

Emblic helps in improving your body’s immune system, increases white blood cells, and helps in excreting toxins from your body.

If you are allergic, also note that products made from emblic can increase the risk of bleeding. Diabetic patients should also eat emblic products or amla under medical professional guidance since it drastically reduces blood sugar levels.

22. Enchiladas

Enchilada is famous for Mexican cuisine with tasty flavor and creamy cheese. Inside these enchiladas, you can put different meats like shredded chicken and add cheese, onion, and pepper to spice up.

Enchiladas is one of the Mexican healthiest food, with many other recipes like Baja Fresh Ensalada with chicken or shrimp, taco bell fresco soft tacos, ranchero chicken, or grilled steak.

Are enchiladas good for weight loss?

Enchilada is friendly for a waistline that is much filling and provides about 300 calories of energy.

Are enchiladas better with corn or flour tortillas?

We can prepare enchiladas using both corn tortillas and flour tortillas, but I prefer flour tortillas. This ease in rolling and make better enchiladas from flour tortillas.

23. Enset

Ensete ventricosum, commonly known as enset belongs to the banana family that is available in the equatorial regions. It is a staple food for most Ethiopians and most of the neighboring countries.

They reported Enset to have high carbohydrate and mineral contents. It is also a wonderful source of amino acids and minerals like potassium, calcium, zinc, and lysine.

24. Early girl tomatoes

Early girl tomato is a tennis ball-sized fruit with early ripening berries. It makes an impressive addition to the sandwiches, salads, and produces a wonderful soup.

The maturity of this fruit takes about 50 to 62 days after transplantation and it can tolerate temperature as low as 4 degrees celsius.

Early girl tomato is a bush-type plant with an average height being 45 centimeters tall and very productive.

25. Egg foo young

Finally, 25th in the list of food that starts with e is Egg Foo Young.

Egg foo young is a breakfast food prepared from egg omelets mixing with vegetables like carrots, peas, and peppers in Chinese cuisine.

It is also popular in Indonesia, Britain, and Chinese-American cuisines.


This article ‘’25 Nutritious food that starts with E’’ is written in the hope to diversify the knowledge on various recipes. The views expressed in this article are the author’s views and recommends health professionals advice for nutritional profiles of the food.