9 Health Benefits of Cardamom: Nutritional facts

health benefits of cardamom

Cardamom (Amomum family) popularly known as ‘Elaichi’ in Hindi is used as a spice produced from the seeds of Amomum species and in Bhutan, Amomum subulatum (called as bharlangey) is commonly available. These species are native to the areas of tropical and subtropical Asia. (1) In this article, let’s discuss the 9 health benefits of … Read more

10 Foods for a Healthy Life

bowl being poured with yellow liquid

There are many different foods for a healthy life and in this article; we will discuss the 10 best foods you should eat every day along with its nutritional values, health benefits, and other medicinal values. The healthiest foods spotlight mostly on green vegetables, whole grains, fruits, proteins, and fats. In most of the cases, … Read more

Vitamin C: Sources and 11 amazing health benefits

selective focus photography of person holding sliced lemon

Vitamin C is water-soluble and it’s essential for normal growth. It gets dissolved in water and surplus vitamin gets excreted as waste through urine. A certain amount of vitamin C remains in the body as a reserve to overcome shortages. As per the experts, it is the most effective nutrients for the treatment of common … Read more

Paragis Grass: Description, uses, properties, and Health benefits

Paragis grass is a grass found grown naturally in any part of the world but mainly in warm countries. It grows abundantly on roadsides, empty areas and it’s a fast-growing grass. The health benefits of Paragis include treating fever, dysentery, wound bleeding, and many more medicinal benefits that you will learn in this article. Actually, … Read more

10 Health Benefits of Avocados: Risk associated with it


Avocados are a stone-hard organic fruit with a rich surface that develops in warm climatic conditions. Their health benefits include helping in digestion, diminishing the danger of depression, and protecting against cancer. It is also known as butter fruit, which provides a substantial amount of monounsaturated fatty acids and is nutrient-rich fruits containing more than … Read more

10 Reasons why you should eat more Asparagus

health benefits of asparagus

Asparagus is delicious, low in calories with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. There are some incredible health benefits of asparagus like helping in digestive health, supporting healthy pregnancy and some of which you’re about to discover. Description of Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis) Asparagus is a perennial vegetable grown in a garden. It takes about 3 years … Read more

13 Water-rich foods that can keep you hydrated

photo of vegetable salad in bowls

Did you realize that almost 66% of your body is comprised of water? Everything, a huge number of small cells in your skin, needs water to work appropriately. So it’s domineering to drink a lot of liquids to remain hydrated. However, it’s not just drinks and beverages that can contribute you with preservative water levels. … Read more

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Water

drinking water

The health benefits of drinking water incorporate boosting energy levels, typical internal heat level, digestion, and simply relaxing. It likewise helps in forestalling stomach related problems like clogging, cerebral pains, and osteoporosis. It assumes a significant part of kidney capacity and healthy skin. 1. Drinking water increases Physical performance Dehydration causes fatigue and a reduction … Read more

10 Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

healthy foods to lose weight

In this article, you will find healthy foods that will help to reduce weight. We will discuss 10 healthy foods to lose weight. It seems like you have been trying to look around for the solutions to lose weight and you didn’t land up in concrete solutions. Now, its time for you to look out … Read more

7 steps of proper Hand-washing

person washing hands

Hand-washing is the key irrespective of where you’re employed – from workplaces and shops to lodgings and clinics. It conveys considerably more noteworthy significance in certain settings, for instance, human services and neighborliness. You’ve got to ensure your hands are spotless to forestall food contamination or diseases from hurting others. Washing your hands could be a simple yet basic approach to stop microbes and germs from spreading, so … Read more

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