6 Impressive White Cranberry Juice Benefits

The health benefits of white cranberry juice are numerous and helpful to those trying to get rid of some form of cancer or another type of disease.

White cranberry juice has been a staple of eastern culture for centuries. Cranberries have been consumed and used as food regularly in some parts of the world for hundreds of years.

A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that men who drank three tablespoons of cranberry juice daily had a nearly twenty percent reduction in the growth of prostate cancer.

In women, the juice seemed to affect ovarian cancer. Although no study could truly prove that the juice was dangerous in these situations, it does seem as though this could be an alternative method to treat cancer.

What is white cranberry juice?

This juice made from cranberries is a very powerful antioxidant packed with disease-fighting compounds. It is full of Vitamin C and Vitamin A, which are essential in preventing disease and keeping the body healthy. Cranberries have more antioxidants than grapes and are packed with anti-inflammatory compounds.

The cranberries add a wonderful flavor, and the orange twist of the orange rind brings out the sweetness. Drink white cranberry juice straight from the plant, or use a blender or smoothie maker to create your favorite drink. This juice is also excellent on a salad or mixed with dressing for a healthy snack.

What is white cranberry juice made from? 

cranberry fruit

White cranberry juice is a blended white cranberry fruit (Vaccinium oxycoccos) grown in India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. The fruits are so plentiful that they grow in massive bunches, producing plenty for every household. 

Once harvesting, the fruits are covered to protect the seeds, and then the pulp is extracted and used to make delicious juices, including white cranberry juice.

Health benefits of white cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is one of nature’s most powerful natural treatments for a multitude of different ailments.

White cranberry juice is made only from the flesh of the cranberries. Because of this, it contains a significantly lower amount of essential minerals, which means it doesn’t provide as many health benefits.

If you want to get all of the benefits of cranberry juice, though, you should make sure that you buy the whole fruit. The juice only has around 2% of the fruit’s potency in it.

Now, let’s go through the 6 impressive health benefits of white cranberry juice.

1. Improve heart health

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison conducted a study on the ability of cranberries to lower bad cholesterol levels in people with already abnormal heart rhythms.

According to the journal, the participants who took cranberry juice every day lived longer than those who did not. The researchers determined that the substance found in cranberries helped normalize the arteries of those people with coronary artery disease.

This juice is known to have significant antioxidant properties as well. Research on this fruit has shown that cranberry juice contains a compound that can prevent the formation of blood clots. Blood clots are a major cause of heart attack because they create very deep blood vessels and make it difficult for the heart to pump the blood around the body.

2. Prevents urinary tract infection

There are several theories as to the exact reasons why cranberry juice can help so much. However, the most likely is that cranberry juice can work by killing off any infection harboring inside the urinary tract.

When the good bacteria in cranberry juice can fight the urinary tract infection, the result is a rapid resolution (often within hours) of the painful, itchy, and uncomfortable infection.

Now, you may be wondering, how can cranberry juice prevent UTIs if the cause of the infection was something other than bacteria? How can white cranberry juice prevent UTIs if white cranberry juice itself is full of bacteria?

The cranberry juice is naturally sweet and there will be little or no sugar to feed the bacteria that is causing your UTI. Because there will be no sugar and very little in the way of calories, the infection-fighting bacteria will be much more relaxed in its treatment of the infection, making a quick recovery much faster and simpler.

3. Supports digestive health

The cranberries are rich in antioxidants such as vitamin A and C, which are effective in fighting off free radicals that can damage our body. These free radicals can cause harm to the blood vessels, lead to cardiovascular diseases, and increase the risk of colon cancer.

Drinking cranberry juice regularly will help flush these free radicals from your body through urine and saliva. It will not only help your digestive system to work properly but will also keep your entire body healthy.

Drinking two or three glasses a day will give you more energy, better digestion, and greater immunity.

4. Prevent infections

The latest research into the benefits of cranberry juice to the immune system may have an even better answer; it can protect you against infection. It is because cranberry juice contains an enzyme that prevents harmful bacteria from the gut to the urinary tract.

This movement is called Peptosis, and while most people don’t suffer from Peptosis regularly, those who do have high amounts of it can experience a lot of pain, discomfort, and even loss of urine over time.

Cranberries contain vitamin C, a substance necessary to help your body produce antibodies against bacterial infections. These antibodies will travel through the bloodstream to attack foreign organisms and bacteria that have managed to make themselves inside the body.

5. Supports post-menopausal health

White cranberry juice is a natural miracle fruit that contains powerful antioxidants. Drinking one or two glasses of white cranberry juice a day has a very positive effect on the health of a woman’s skin, digestion, and metabolism.

It is proven to have a positive effect on women who are trying to reduce their weight. It is also effective at boosting a woman’s immunity system and fighting off diseases such as cancer.

The juice is also very beneficial in relieving stress and improving a woman’s sleep patterns. As you can see, what some people may consider being trivial problems can be instrumental in helping a woman achieve her health goals.

With that said, drinking this juice could indeed help support post-menopausal health and wellness for women everywhere.

6. Fights age-related problems

It’s no surprise that the health and fitness market is booming with claims of how white cranberry juice is great for your health.

Studies have shown that drinking two glasses a day of white cranberry Juice will help to lower your LDL cholesterol while increasing your HDL cholesterol. The increase in HDL prevents clogging of the arteries and improves circulation.

Besides its health benefits, the juice is also popular due to its delectable flavor. It is because the cranberries themselves are so delicious and so addicting. Drinking it regularly has helped many people to lose weight and to feel younger.

Studies have shown that drinking three glasses a day has kept many from developing heart problems as they get older.

Other health benefits

Drinking white cranberry juice can also help in increasing the level of calcium. An increase in calcium level is done by increasing the absorption rate of calcium in the body. Some studies also indicate that the juice may help regulate blood sugar levels.

In addition to the health benefits of white cranberry juice, research indicates some antibacterial activity. It may even have some effect on healing some types of arthritis and some forms of skin inflammation.

Since it contains high levels of antioxidants, the juice may fight cancer cells as well. No doubt drinking this juice several times a day can help you live a longer and healthier life.

But, be sure to drink it in its natural state – without sugar and with a wedge of lemon.

Side effects of white cranberry juice

It can cause an increase in the number of ulcers. The ulcers are typically located in the digestive tract and can cause severe discomfort when consumed.

Therefore, an individual needs to be aware of the many ways that ulcers can occur if they consume this particular type of juice.

While some individuals may not experience any side effects from consuming white cranberry juice, others could experience an adverse reaction.

Takeaway Message

It’s a great source of Vitamin C, too, providing you with more of this essential nutrient than you probably get from eating any fruit. You may find that the juice tastes sweeter and richer than the purest cranberry juice, which makes it a better choice for some people.

You can drink white cranberry juice or take it as a supplement. Either way, you’ll get a high dose of the powerful antioxidants found in this juice. The antioxidants help to protect the body from diseases and illness.

They also help to keep free radicals at bay, which are byproducts of cellular activity. If you aren’t getting enough antioxidants, though, your immune system may not be able to fight off the disease-causing microorganisms.