10 Daily habits that will change your life

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As we are focused on creating ourselves a happy life, means we should be focusing more on having good daily habits which can, later on, change your life. Creating happiness based on daily habits means getting healthier and being kind to ourselves.

Daily habits that can change your life

It is easy to think of all the good habits like putting money in savings every month, getting early every morning, working out every day but setting these habits as a daily habit and follow accordingly is a way to lead a happy and healthier life.

In this article, I will be sharing 10 different daily habits you can start right away and its benefits.

10 recommended daily habits

One hour of exercise


As per the current notion, exercise is mainly to improve your physical health. It can reduce major illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. (1)

Exercise can also control your weight; manage your blood sugar and insulin levels, helps in quitting smoking, improves mental health, strengthen bones and muscles, and improves sexual health. (2)

Two litres of water

Drinking water

According to the author Nicola Shubrook, registered nutritionists, the health benefits of drinking water includes improving memory and mood, reduce sugar cravings and weight maintenance, improve exercise performance, prevents constipation, prevents kidney stone and reduces the risk of bladder infections. (3)

The NHS recommends the consumption of 6-8 glasses in a day to keep your body hydrated (4) or we would like to recommend you 13 water-rich foods that can keep you hydrated and 2 litres of water daily.

Three cups of tea

Drinking tea

It’s an age-old tradition to drink tea early in the morning and many people know the health benefits of drinking the tea. Many studies have proved that drinking tea regularly at a recommended interval can boost your immune system, fights inflammation, wards off cancer, and heart disease. (5)

Most people consider drinking tea as a refreshment but there are numerous research studies showing that it can actually improve your health. It can lower the blood pressure which can reduce the risk of getting a stroke. Green tea is a good source of flavonoids that can relieve inflammation and lessen oxidative stress. (7)

Four colors on your plate

Fruits and vegetables on plates

Many nutritionists and dieticians stress us from consuming lots of fruits and vegetables. It is advisable to consume lots of fruits and vegetables which are rich in nutrients and water-rich foods. Again consuming the same types of foods all the time can limit the ability to get mixed nutrients recommended for your body. (8)

Therefore, we would recommend you to consume four different colors of fruits and vegetables which are rich in nutrients.

Green color fruits and vegetables like broccoli, avocado, and kiwi.

Red color fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, strawberries, watermelon, and raspberries.

Yellow/orange color fruits and vegetables like carrots, Mangos, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and peppers.

White color fruits and vegetables like banana, pears and cauliflower.

Five minutes of meditations


Meditation has many mental health benefits like keeping better focus and concentration, improvement in self-awareness and self-esteem, lowers stress, and anxiety and it can improve your tolerance level for pain. (9)

There are nine different types of meditation like mindfulness, spiritual, focus, movement, mantra, transcendental, progressive relaxation, loving-kindness, and visualization meditation. All these meditation types won’t be right for everyone and it depends on an individual’s own comfort. (10)

Six songs that motivates you

Listening to music

According to Michelle Millis Chappel, listening to music or songs that you love will make you happy, enhance running performance, lowers stress and improves health, helps you sleep better, reduces depression, helps you eat less, strengthens learning and increases memory, and reduces the pain during injuries. (11)

As per the article written by Kendra Cherry and medically reviewed by Daniel B. Block, listening to music can improve cognitive performance, reduce stress, improve your memorizing power, improve motivation, improve mood and reduce the symptoms of depression. (12)

Seven minutes of laughter

Laughter as a daily habits

Laughter can stimulate your organs like the heart, lungs, and muscles by the intake of fresh air and increases the release of endorphins by your brains. (13)

Laughter is considered as one of the best method for stress relief. It can stimulate the circulation and muscle relaxation which can help in reducing the physical symptoms of stress.

In addition to the above benefits, laughter can lower the blood pressure, reduces stress hormone levels, improves cardiac health, boost T-cells, produces a general sense of well-being, and triggers the release of endorphins. (14)

Eight hours of sleep

8 hours of sleep

An adequate amount of sleep or rest at night is linked to many health benefits like getting sick less often, maintaining a healthy weight, lowers the risk of serious health problems, reduces stress and you can think more clearly, and take better decisions. (15)

Seven to eight hours of sleep at night can give rest to the immune cells and proteins which can further be able to resist the diseases like flu. (16)

Nine pages of book

Reading a book

A great way to gain knowledge is by reading a book. Reading can also improve your focus on certain things and it’s similar to meditation.

Reading a book strengthens your brain, increases empathy, builds vocabulary, reduces stress, alleviates depression, and prevents cognitive decline. (17)

For some people, reading a book can help them sleep better, develop new ideas, innovation, and serves as a point of motivation. Therefore I would recommend you to read at least nine pages from a good book in a day.

Ten reasons to be thankful

Reasons to be thankful

Making people happy is one of the best reasons to be thankful. Create such reasons to be thankful so that you can have some sense of responsibility and have positive vibes to lead a happy life.

In a Bhutanese saying,

A horse won’t be able to carry the load created from the karma of one man’s happiness

By Sonam Tobgay

I'm the creator of Healthy Lifestyle blog. I've been fascinated with health related articles and information since 2005 and have spent most of my waking hours consuming health contents from the top professionals in this field. My goal is to share the best tips and news about health, benefits of fruits and vegetables, and other health related issues so you can follow and lead a healthy life.


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