What Motivates People To Struggle For Change: 5 Critical Motivators

Many professionals have been studying and learning to understand what motivates people to struggle for change

This question has many answers, but they all boil down to one fundamental thing. People are motivated by what they WANT.

What motivates a person to change?

What makes you feel like giving it a try, even when you know you have no chance of doing it?

Motivational books and programs are great, but what makes a person motivated?

There are specific triggers that make a person change their life, and if you understand these, you can use them to become motivated to change your own life.

A trigger that can motivate you

A trigger is something that sparks the mind. Some people will become motivated to lose weight because they read about it in a dieter’s book or saw a guy who used to be overweight. Still, he has now lost 100 pounds by using an exercise program.

The key is you must read about or see or experience the trigger first before you can use it as a trigger to motivate you to achieve your goal. Motivation is something that gets your attention and draws your attention to it.

Another thing that makes a person change is if it feels like you have nothing to live for. When you feel like you have nothing left to give, your motivation level will increase.

Another great trigger to increase motivation is when a new job or opportunity comes along. Getting the new position will provide you with many things such as unique benefits, a better future, and many other advantages.

You can use these opportunities to your advantage to find out how you can motivate yourself to get the job done.

What motivates people to struggle for change? 

For motivation, people refer to motivational quotes and other inspirational speeches. However, the motivational theory says that there are five critical things that we find encouraging. Those motivators are;

  • Personal recognition
  • Self-efficacy
  • Desires and dreams
  • Strong determination
  • Emotional discomfort

Now, let’s try to understand these motivators in details one by one.

1. Personal recognition

People are inspired by many things in life, including recognition and rewards. Recognition themselves is not the only motivator; however, they do play an important role.

How can personal recognition help motivate people to struggle for change?

It’s all about how you deliver your message and what you stand for. Suppose you can find a way to connect with people emotionally and connect with them personally. In that case, you can create a bond that will last.

You simply have to share your personal achievement with people. Tell the people in your life how you felt great about what they did and why you were so proud. This will show them you value their opinion and their input.

2. Self-efficacy

Self-efficacy is the ability to feel that you can and will succeed in whatever you wish to achieve. Self-efficacy has been called “the true power of confidence.” In a study published by Oxford University.

According to Dickson “self-efficacy,” “is not the strength of what we do, but the power of believing that we can. Yet, psychologists have shown that the feeling of self-efficacy has a direct correlation with achievement.

Motivated people know that they have what it takes, and they are convinced that they can. When we believe that we have what it takes, or “what it is to have what it is,” then we create both motivation and willpower.

This is one of the most significant clues on how self-efficacy helps motivate people to fight for change. If we are motivated and convinced enough, we can have the discipline to endure the obstacles that come along the way.

3. Desires and dreams

One of the most popular questions is how dreams and desires can help motivate people to struggle for change?

In my opinion, a person’s dreams are their roadmap to their future and even what lies beyond. The more you can map out your future with passion and dedication, the better you will feel about yourself and your abilities.

If your desires are strong enough to overcome all the obstacles life places before you, the results will enrich you. This is why the saying, “If you think you can, you probably can,” is so true. You must believe in yourself before you can achieve anything.

One of the keys to motivating others to follow your dreams and desires is by showing them what they can do when they follow your dreams. By showing them what they can do, you will have the ability to inspire them to overcome any obstacle put in front of them. This is why you must find a way to display your goals so that everyone can see them.

4. Strong determination

In the current world, not only one but many people find it challenging to have enough determination to go ahead and fight for what they believe in. Sometimes people feel that they are motivated by their family and friends.

A firm determination is something that the individuals have to have to be motivated to face whatever obstacles that come their way. Those who lack this kind of determination are not going to put in any effort at all.

They might just sit back and watch the opportunities slip through their fingers. In this case, their lack of determination will be problematic for those who need to change society.

5. Emotional discomfort

One of the most troubling questions in social psychology is how people deal with emotional discomfort in social situations.

In a nutshell, this question can be answered by saying that people are motivated to change based on how they feel about a situation.

As one of the most essential characteristics for effective managers and leaders, emotional discomfort can be a real problem if allowed to fester.

Suppose you or someone you know is struggling with social situations and the confidence necessary to effectively interact with them. In that case, it may be a good idea to explore that it might be the result of a mental disorder.

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The feeling of having a need to change something, take advantage of a situation, and pursue a goal drives motivation. When you recognize this need, the next step is to think about what motivates you to do this, what it’s like to have this need, and how this can encourage others.

Change management is an ongoing process and one that is often misunderstood by many who are charged with managing change. What motivates people to change can be an exciting thing indeed, and by Understanding this better, we can improve the way that change happens.

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