Paragis Grass: Description, uses, properties, and Health benefits

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Paragis grass is a grass found grown naturally in any part of the world but mainly in warm countries. It grows abundantly on roadsides, empty areas and it’s a fast-growing grass. The health benefits of Paragis include treating fever, dysentery, wound bleeding, and many more medicinal benefits that you will learn in this article.

paragis grass
Paragis grass

Actually, it’s a weed-grown abundantly but you will be surprised to know its amazing health benefits of Paragis grass.

Description of Paragis grass

The scientific name of Paragis is Eleusine indica, commonly known as Indian Goosegrass. It contains chlorine and protein and it gives a good combination with coconut and turmeric. (Herbpathy)

Uses of Paragis grass

Drinking boiled leaves of Paragis or intake of Paragis Tea will affluence several pains and illnesses. Boil the stem with leaves to achieve more actual results. Drinking boiled roots can also cure several illnesses.

Properties of Paragis grass

Paragis grass has properties of antidiabetic, anthelmintic, antioxidant, diaphoretic, diuretic, febrifuge, and inflammatory. (Herbpathy)

Leaves of Paragis comprise silicon monoxide, calcium oxide, and chlorine. Dried leaves also contain protein.

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Health benefits of Paragis grass

1. Treating wound and bleeding

Crushing the Paragis leaves and applying them to the affected area or wound can prevent from bleeding. Another method could be soaking Paragis grass in a hot water for about an hour. Apply this mixture on the wound. It can heal the wound and it can also stop the bleeding from the wound.

2. Balancing blood pressure

The boiled leaves and stem of Paragis help in balancing the level of blood pressure and controlling the level of hypertension.

3. Improves kidney problems

Paragis intake can increase the amount of water in the body and excretes salts as urine. This process happens due to the diuretic properties of Paragis.

4. Used in treating fever

As per the studies conducted by Ette Okon and Paul Alozie in the year 2015, the antipyretic and antioxidant activities of Paragis can be helpful in treating malaria fever. (Phyto Pharma Journal)

5. Treating diabetes

Due to the anti-diabetic properties of Paragis, it’s widely used in treating diabetic patients. For this purpose, you have to drink Paragis grass tea.

6. Paragis can be used as Sprain

Putting a small quantity of Paragis leaves on the wounded parts of the body will allow it to recover quickly.

7. Paragis can be used to minimize dandruff

The use of Paragis leaves can minimize the presence of dandruff in your hair. A combination of leaves and stems with coconut oil can minimize dandruff. Apply it as a cleanser and moderately massage on the scalp.

8. Treating dysentry

Drinking Paragis grass tea regularly can treat dysentry.

9. Treating cancer

Due to the antioxidant properties of Paragis, it can prevent the growth of cancer cells. Therefore it can be used for treating cancer.


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