7 steps of proper Hand-washing

person washing hands

Hand-washing is the key irrespective of where you’re employed – from workplaces and shops to lodgings and clinics. It conveys considerably more noteworthy significance in certain settings, for instance, human services and neighborliness. You’ve got to ensure your hands are spotless to forestall food contamination or diseases from hurting others. Washing your hands could be a simple yet basic approach to stop microbes and germs from spreading, so … Read more

Public Health vs Health Care

Public health

What is public health? The fact of life is that very few Americans have any concept of what public health is. To a lot of people, public health means disaster response. And this is certainly true since 9/11. Here we are on the 11th anniversary of 9-11. Certainly true since then that an awful lot … Read more

How to Stay Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Currently, the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is rapidly spreading round the world. the quantity of confirmed cases within the U.S. is about 3310044 and increasing daily. What are you able to do to assist yourself et al. remain as healthy as possible? Of those who get the disease, an estimated 80% have mild symptoms, and about 20% require hospitalization. Of that 80 you bored with “mild” symptoms, about half have moderately … Read more

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