Houttuynia cordata and its Health Benefits


Specialists have watched the organic conduct of Houttuynia cordata and broad exploration has found astounding disclosures about its connection to human well-being. Houttuynia cordata, otherwise called Chameleon Plant, fish mint, the fish leaf is one of two animal groups in the family Houttuynia (the other being H. emeiensis). It is a lasting blooming plant having … Read more

What is a blue zone lifestyle?

blue zone lifestyle

Blue zone lifestyle: In the mid-2000s, Dan Buettner left determined to figure out what explicit parts of way of life and condition assist people with living longer in a blue zone lifestyle. In collaboration with National Geographic and the National Institute of Aging on his journey, and through exploration, they had the option to distinguish … Read more

14 Health Benefits of Moringa

low angle photo of moringa oleifera

Moringa has become very popular in the past couple of years. People say it’s good for bone health, anemia, and all sorts of diseases but are it really that good. In today’s article, I want to talk about 14 proven scientific-based benefits of Moringa and its uses. Lately, it has received an incredible amount of attention by the … Read more

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